Stop the presses…

The first quarter 2012 sweepstakes standings for the American Polish Rabbit Club (APRC) have been announced. I’m so happy to report that we are currently ranked 8th overall nationally and are Top Ten in all our varieties. We are as follows:
7th in Blacks with 515 points
9th in Blues with 166 points
7th in Brokens with 547 points
9th in Chocolates with 205 points

So very excited. We are definitely gunning for Top Five this year since I’m attending convention. 🙂


All stories start somewhere…

Here’s the tale of how we got into bunnies. I was 10 years old and signing up for my second year of 4-H. I wanted to do another project besides horse, so I begged my Dad to get a bunny. “Just one bunny”, I promised. HA! I really did mean it at the time, but I didn’t know that rabbits are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. So, we went to a local breeder of Holland Lops, my Dad’s choice for my sister and I. Cinnamon Patch was a cute little thing, that we loved dearly, but we soon discovered was not the best show bunny. At our second or third ARBA show my parents purchased a few tickets for my sister and I to put in the raffle. We won a Tort Dutch buck (You’d think my parents would learn). Brooke’s Honeybee II was our first decent show rabbit and most of my line goes back to him, though he is now many generations back. Brooke was also a great pet, and put up with being carted around to shows by us for five years! He ultimately lived to be almost 11, wonderful proof of what a hardy and healthy breed Dutch are. Fast forward a few year when I was in Junior High, we decided to begin breeding our own bunnies. I still had Brooke and we searched high and low, but could not find a tort doe. Meanwhile we had a blue doe from Scott Williamson and black buck from Fran Schettler. Sadly, as many new breeders discover, breeding show bunnies is not easy and we lost the doe. Out of sheer desperation, we breed Brooke to a friends’ gray doe. I kept a grey doe (who did not produce) and a gold buck. My parent’s found it highly amusing that we couldn’t seem to breed rabbits, I mean how hard should it be? (Let this be a lesson of hope to new breeders… we all go through it trying to get started). I started High School and there wasn’t much time for bunnies, and I put them on the back burner. In fact, by my freshman year of college I decided it was time to get ride of the bunnies. So I packed up and went to a show. I had such a good time, I changed my mind, took down the for sale signs and began looking for does. I was lucky enough to find 2 torts does and I still had my 5-year-old gold buck from Brooke. That was the beginning of my current herd. It was quite a journey and I’m glad I stuck through it, as I love going to shows and spending time with all my bunny friends.


Hi and Welcome to the online home of Lil’ Dutch Rabbitry, owned and operated by Nicolle Cunningham, since 2004. We are located in the California Bay Area and raise quality Dutch in Black, Blue, Grey, Steel and Tort (our main focus). In 2006 we added Polish and raise Black, Blue, Chocolate and Broken (our favorite variety).

This blog will hopefully be updated at least twice a week, with what I hope is interesting reading. I intend to give updates on happening with our bunnies, articles on my opinions and theories about breeding, and helpful hints for the newbie or seasoned breeder. Stay tuned for tips on breeding tort Dutch, the difference between Polish and Netherland Dwarfs and sale notices of some of our brood stock. Let me know if there is somethin’ you’d like to hear about, or we’d love to hear from you if you own a LDR rabbit.