Fresno 6/2/12 Show Report

Bad blogger, bad! I forgot to take pictures for this post, I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing. Not to mention its been two weeks since my last post. In my defense I’ve had the cold from hell for the last six days and before that, well… Anyone with small children you understand. If you don’t have kids, just wait one day you will understand. So onto the report!
My bunny show buddy, Fran and I left town Friday night and arrived in Fresno around 10:30. It was still 90 degrees when we got there, so I was worried about leaving the buns in the van but they were fine thankfully. As seems to happen when you stay overnight for a show, we were a little late in the morning and I had to frantically tattoo two juniors (I normally do not tattoo so last minute, but see the comment about kids above). For show A we had Ray Stacy. I was delighted when LDR’s Lilo won the black jr doe class with 8 in the class. When you win a black class out here with competition we have you know it’s a good rabbit. 😉 Lilo is by our main tort herd buck GC LDR’s Hunnicutt, so that made my day too. With torts another Hunnicutt kid did well, LDR’s Gunner won the senior buck class and went on to win BOSV. Very exicted about this buck. In second place was GC LDR’s Maximus, another promising buck. These bucks repeated these placements in show C under Jennifer Milburn. However, show B with Allen Messick it was my jr. buck SPR25 (a full sibling to Maximus) that took the BOSV. Fran was showing some dynamite tort does, so one of them took BOV all 3 shows and even went onto BOB in show A. Go Torts! I didn’t have any senior does to show as they were all at home with babies, and the junior does where young still, but did ok. So anxiously looking forward to the next show. We will be attending the Triple Crown show in Corralitos July 12 and the Watsonville show on the 13th. Always a great weekend at these shows!