Good Mail Day

I love getting stuff in the mail other than bills and junk mail. Today was the best kind of mail day, as a show report came in. It’s for the California Dutch Rabbit Club specialty we hosted on July 14th in Corralitos. I’m happy to report LDR’s Lilo picked up another leg winning BOV black! I’ll have to check that may have granded her. A new black junior buck was second in a large class under Allen Messick and bombed under Nate Burbridge, cracks me up when that happens. My steel doe SS Cleopatra was the only steel doe but won BOV over a nice steel buck both shows. As usual LDR’s Gunner and LDR’s Maximus traded the win in the tort senior buck class. My junior buck LDR’s SPR25 (full sibling to Maximus, so I’m thinking of calling him Brutus or Cesar, feel free to vote in the comments.) came in 2nd both times behind Schmall’s Mac, the hot buck I talked about on Wednesday. No one else really did much of note, my junior does are too young to compete against the beauties Fran has right now. Thankfully hers should be turning senior soon! Lol. Now just have to wait for the Watsonville report and I’ll know how my weekend went.


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