Along came a spider


I feel like Charlotte’s Web is being reenacted out in my rabbitry. We’ve had a spider making big, beautiful webs every night. I keep expecting to come out and find “Some Pig” written in the web, or maybe “Some Bunny”. Normally spiders and I do not get along, and had Charlotte set up her spinning inside my house she would have been squished flat in a New York minute, but out in the barn I try to ignore the spiders as they help keep down the flies. This one caught my eye though with her unusual coloring, never seen a spider like this.

According to my research on the Internet, she’s a common Orb Weaver. It seems we’ll have lots of little Orb Weavers soon as Charlotte’s abdomen was double in size yesterday and now it’s much smaller. Not sure how I feel about that, hoping they’ll float away as Charlotte’s daughters did. Now if only we could have Wilbur in the back yard. Guess I’ll just have to make due with a fat Beagle.



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