Radio Silence

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. We went on a camping trip and I came back with a mysterious dizziness. Plus we’re getting ready for my daughter’s first birthday on Sunday. So radio silence will continue thru the weekend, and regularly scheduled programming will continue on Monday. Lol.


Meet N Greet Monday

Welcome back to Meet N Greet Monday! Today’s post is more of a memorial of sorts, as you’ll see….

GC LDR’s Rose and LDR’s Aurora

These two does are littermates born on June 4, 2008 out of Schettler’s Blossom and by LDR’s Prince Charming (a 5 year old gold buck I still had from my youth show days). It was my second litter ever bred as an adult, and boy did I hit the jackpot! Rose (back) was my first home grown, grand champion and an good producer. Her daughter’s have given me rabbits like LDR’s Maximus (featured last week). Aurora (front) never did manage to get a third leg to grand out, she was so close so many times too! 😦 But she was an outstanding producer! I called her my secret weapon, because no matter what I bred her to, I got at least one baby per litter who won legs. Aurora is all over on my pedigrees! These two does built my barn and have been retired for the last two years. However, this last Saturday I decided to take my own advice and move them along so I could put their cage to better use. So, it’s the end of an era here. Here’s hoping I get this lucky again someday with the golden cross.

New Series

Welcome to Meet N Greet Monday’s! I know it’s Friday, lol. Been a crazy week so I’m a bit late. But I thought showcasing one of my bunnies each week would be fun, plus it will help me slowly build my bucks and does pages. So without further ado…
Meet, GC LDR’s Maximus

I love this buck he has been a stud muffin from the beginning, and he represents the kind of type I’m trying to put on my torts. He is the product of an outcross, sired by Schmall’s Peter and out of our GC LDR’s Rachael who is a daughter of our first grand champion LDR’s Rose (more about Rose on Monday). Maximus has outstanding type and color, just wish his stops were a tad shorter and his saddle a bit straighter. That hasn’t stopped him from doing well on the table. He has a couple BOV’s and BOSV’s to his credit and at only a little over a year old I’m sure he’ll rack up quite a few more. Maximus will be siring his first litter’s this fall. Please let me know if you’re interested in his offspring. I know I’m very excited to see what he throws.

OMG – Cuteness Overload

I saw this pic on Facebook and it is just too cute!!!! Seriously, is this not one of cutest things you’ve ever seen? So enjoy and have a good holiday weekend. I can’t wait til Monday, get to spend some time evaluating bunnies and I’ll be launching a new feature on the blog.