Convention News

A few results are in from the convention. My two tort Dutch senior bucks I sent were both Top Ten. GC LDR’s Maximus was 5th and GC LDR’s Gunner was 7th. I’m pretty pleased with that. Still waiting on pins and needles for Polish results though.
Well, I’ve had fun vicariously shopping for bunnies at convention thanks to a friend and my iPhone (and to think I didn’t want an iPhone because I didn’t think I’d use it. Ha!) Anyway I’m happy to introduce you to this sexy lady. If I remember correctly, she is from the Nelson’s and is of Schwandt’s lines.


And then we have this handsome steel buck from Rick Lehman. Can't wait to see these two in person.



My Dream Rabbitry

I’ve been in a blogging slump, I know and I’m sure you guys have noticed. Sorry, just haven’t had the motivation and things have been busy, and are likely to be busy for the next week. I’m bunny sitting for fellow breeders who are at the ARBA convention. So in addition to my fifty holes, I’m caring for a youth breeders’ thirty hole rabbitry in exchange for transporting some of my bunnies. Plus I always care for a nearby big-time dwarf breeders’ 300 hole rabbitry, when she travels. So I am definitely getting my fill of bunnies each day! It has me possibly rethinking my dream rabbitry. I’ve always wanted a fully enclosed rabbit barn with about 200 holes and the works (AC, self clean trays, nice work space, etc). I really struggle to raise my 2 breeds in 50 holes and I’ve always wanted to add Mini Rex and Mini Lops to my herd, so 200 holes seemed like plenty of space but now I have an idea of how much work that will be, and I’m thinking 150 might be a better number. Lol! Any one else have an opinion on the ideal rabbitry size?

Convention Entry

Well, I got my entry done for convention. Sadly, I will not be attending in the flesh, but a good friend is taking a few bunnies for me. I’m sending two tort Dutch senior bucks, GC LDR’s Maximus and GC LDR’s Gunner. I’m also sending 5 polish. A black senior buck, GC LDR’s Onyx and a slick black senior doe, with 2 legs, gonna have to come up with a name for her. I also entered two broken senior bucks LDR’s Cowboy and LDR’s JT2, both are for sale, I’ll be posting about them soon. And lastly I entered GC LDR’s Hershey a chocolate senior buck who is looking quite nice. Let’s hope everyone holds their coats or finishes out that last bit in 3 weeks.