I Might Be Bragging…

The Nov. 11, show in Lodi was pretty fantastic for me!! First of all, I finally learned my lesson and wore a turtle neck sweater, flannel over-shirt, jacket and warm boots so that I did not freeze my you-know-what off. Only took me about 5 years of shivering at this show to figure that out. Anyway after getting up at 5am and cramming about 60 holes into the mini-van so that a friend and I could carpool, the morning started well with some socializing and then went off with a bang, when LDR’s Pixie won Best Opposite of Breed in Open Polish.
(Imagine a picture here, I spent an hour trying to make it work and finally said “screw it”.)
Also in show A, LDR’s Skipper, a homebred Dutch won the black senior buck class and took BOSV for his first leg. A new junior buck LDR’s SKM11 won the black junior buck class, so we swept the black buck classes.

20121113-095329.jpgSkipper waiting for Best of Breed judging.
In show B, Skipper repeated his win and the judge kept looking him over at the BOB selection. However, it was my new steel buck, Lehmann’s B220 that won a BOV and took the BOSB! I was so excited and felt a bit more justified in spending the pretty penny on him that I did. He set a new record for me, granted I’m sure it’s not that high in many people’s books but I’ve prided myself on building a high quality herd without breaking the bank. Up until now, my most expensive rabbit was $100. But I think this steel is worth the money. Now just got to figure out a good name for him.


Bunny Show

Just a quick note, to say we will be attending the show in Lodi, tomorrow November 11th. Looking forward to putting my new steel, Lehmann’s B220 on the table. Let’s hope I remember to take pictures tomorrow, I’m so bad about that. Which is ironic considering I really love pictures, I just don’t remember to take them.