Belated Meet N Greet Monday

Meet…. My sales list. Lol! I’ll be attending the show in Red Bluff this weekend and have lots of bunnies for sale, so here we go..

LDR’s Violet (LDR’s Hunnicutt x LDR’s Bella) Tort Sr.D 10/9/10. Nice doe, has 2 legs and is a good mom. $35

LDR’s Caesar (Schmall’s Peter x LDR’s Rachael) Tort Sr. B 1/13/12. This buck is a full brother to my awesome LDR’s Maximus. I’ve used Caesar a few times for his shorter stops, but we just have way too many bucks so he needs to go. $45.

LDR’s SKM11 (SS Horus x LDR’s Mulan) Black Jr. B 7/9/12. Cute buck, tad long in shoulder but nicely marked and doing well on the table. $45. May carry blue, as both parents carry blue.

LDR’s Bubba – herd buck with 11 legs. Pics and more info here Price slashed for quick sale.

LDR’s HA11 (LDR’s Hershey x LDR’s April) Black Sr.B 4/11/12 This buck is a promising boy out of my two most winning animals. The sire has 7 legs and the dam has 9, including a RIS. He has already picked up a leg in his short career. Carries chocolate.$50


LDR’s KT11 (LDR’s Kryptonite x LDR’s Tamara) Broken Black Jr. B 6/12/12. Cute little buck with nice blanket pattern. Nice depth of body and head will get stronger will age. Both parents have 3 legs and he carries blue. $45




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