Best Rabbit Show

This past weekend I went to the quad show in Red Bluff and oh my lord, what a great show. Seriously, my best show ever! I brought home 2 BOB’s, 3 BOSB’s, 13 BOV’s and 11 BOSV’s!!! In all this winning I granded out several rabbits too. It was such a blast. Besides having a great weekend on the table, I also had a blast with friends,we went Saturday night with a large group of breeders to dinner at the best Mexican restaurant ever. My steak fajita quesadilla was to die for good! And even cold the next day for lunch it was still fabulous. I’m so tempted to drive back to Red Bluff just for some more of that delicious food. So, here’s a list of each rabbits winning for the weekend.
GC LDR’s Skipper – BOV Black & BOSB (A&C)
LDR’s SHP12 – BOV Blue (A&B)
GC LDR’s Gunner BOV Tort (A&B), BOSV (C)
LDR’s SKM11 – BOV & BOB Black (B), BOSV (D)
Lehmann’s Frazier – BOSV Steel (A,B,C & D)
LDR’s MQ10 – BOSV Tort (A)
Schmall’s Megan – BOSV Tort (B)

GC LDR’s Onyx – BOSV & BOSB Black (A), BOV & BOB (C)
GC LDR’s Pixie – BOV Blue (A,C & D)
GC LDR’s Kryptonite – BOV Broken (A)
GC Sypneski’s Grover – BOV Blue (B), BOSV (C)
LDR’s Cowboy – BOSV Broken (D)

See, it was a great show! I also loved the award they gave on Saturday. Arn’t they the cutest?



4 thoughts on “Best Rabbit Show

  1. Lindsey King says:

    Congrats on your wins!! Love the awards, that is really unique. 🙂

  2. Thx Lindsey for the congrats! I somehow deleted your comment, oops! Also thanks for the comment, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading.

  3. PhengL says:

    Congratulations Nicolle! Seems like both your Dutch and Polish did amazingly awesome at the show! Can’t wait to get the little guy, is he LDR’s SKM11? Again, congratulations! And yes, FFA students like me are always constantly checking up on great and updated websites like yours! 🙂

  4. mcfiremonkey says:

    Trinity wanted one of those ornaments so bad! They were truly unique! I told her just to be happy that her black otter mini rex got Granded 🙂

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