Well, 2013 show season is off to a great start! The SMRA show on the 19th went very well. The two big winners were LDR’s Skipper and my new polish junior doe LDR’s DZ30. This sexy little lady won a BOSB at the tender age of 3 months. Very excited about her future! Skipper picked up another Best of Breed bringing his leg total to eight I think. Not bad for 8 month old buck!
I’ll be attending the Stockton show on Saturday, but sadly my new string of juniors isn’t quite ready, they’re still too fluffy yet. I am putting my first homebred steel dutch on the table though. He’s nicely marked with nice color. Wish he was a doe though, as I don’t need a buck.
Am I the only one who seems to have bucks coming out their ears? For every doe, I have 3 bucks. :/


2013 Show Season Kick-off

Tomorrow, is the first show of the 2013 season for me. Yesterday, I decided to thoroughly clean and disinfect the carry cages and today I have to load and tattoo bunnies. I don’t have a bunch of new juniors yet, that will change in 2 weeks though for the Stockton show. I do however have 2 promising juniors I’m exicted to put on the table tomorrow. First is this junior polish doe (GC LDR’s Dinky x LDR’s Zoe)


She’s a very promising doe, as she’s got head and body going on! I also have tort dutch buck (GC LDR’s Maximus x GC LDR’s Sienna) that is typed to burn with nice markings. No pics yet, but I’ll make sure to put them in my report sometime next week. On a side note this buck’s dam GC LDR’s Sienna will listed for sale shortly. She’s done her job, time for someone else to put her to work.
Can’t resist showing one last pic. This is my daughter picking up her first bunny, and this doe had only been handled a few times. Polish really do make good kids’ bunnies.


2013 Goals

Well, I’ve been a little MIA, but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I did! It was so much fun to watch my daughter this year. Last Christmas she was only 3 months, so it was adorable to see her get excited about her new toys this year. We also got to spend time with all the family, this will go down as a memorable Christmas. Here’s a pic of my baby girl enjoying her silver & pink tree her Grammy put up for her.

Onto bunny news. I’ve been thinking about my resolutions for 2013 and my personal goals and rabbitry goals line up a bit this year. I want to be more organized and productive in my life as well as my rabbitry. Confession time I had a doe deliver a while back, and I lost my notes for the day, so I had no idea who the sire was! Thankfully there were no keepers in the litter. I desperately need to get things more organized, so my life can be more efficient. But specific rabbit goals would be:
– tighten up my line of Dutch. I had line of LDR dutch going and did well with them but noticed a consistent long/ low shoulder problem. So I did some outcrossing. Most notably to Schmall’s Peter and I’ve gotten some fantastic stuff but its time to close back the herd and breed the outcrosses together and build back the LDR line.
– maintain/ improve type on Dutch and cull harder for markings. I’ve noticed 90% of my saddles are bias or wavy and all my checks are square. So I really want focus on rounding those checks and straightening saddles.
– sweepstakes wise I’d like to pass up the 4,000 point mark this year in the tort standings and be Top 3. I’d love to win the tort sweeps but that’s not likely until I can go to a convention (that’s a 2014 goal). I’d also like to be in Top 25 overall standings.
– for my polish I need to let go of some of my proven foundation animals and work on developing my own line more. This is a scary but necessary step this year!
– specifically I need to improve my eyes and ear placement on my polish. I’d like to see bolder eyes and ears on top of the head.
– I’d like to finish Top 5 in one of the variety sweepstakes for 2013.

Lastly, I want to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of my bunny friends! Here’s to a great 2013, may your nest boxes be full of winners!