2013 Show Season Kick-off

Tomorrow, is the first show of the 2013 season for me. Yesterday, I decided to thoroughly clean and disinfect the carry cages and today I have to load and tattoo bunnies. I don’t have a bunch of new juniors yet, that will change in 2 weeks though for the Stockton show. I do however have 2 promising juniors I’m exicted to put on the table tomorrow. First is this junior polish doe (GC LDR’s Dinky x LDR’s Zoe)


She’s a very promising doe, as she’s got head and body going on! I also have tort dutch buck (GC LDR’s Maximus x GC LDR’s Sienna) that is typed to burn with nice markings. No pics yet, but I’ll make sure to put them in my report sometime next week. On a side note this buck’s dam GC LDR’s Sienna will listed for sale shortly. She’s done her job, time for someone else to put her to work.
Can’t resist showing one last pic. This is my daughter picking up her first bunny, and this doe had only been handled a few times. Polish really do make good kids’ bunnies.



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