Well, the BVRA show yesterday was a good one. I was getting spoiled with wins at the breed level so it was only slightly disappointing to not win any Best of Breeds. 😉 But my dutch buck LDR’s Skipper won another BOV bringing him up to 9 legs. I also won BOSV with my new tort junior doe I put on the table, LDR’s HRP10. For polish, LDR’s Kryptonite took a BOV bringing him up to 5 legs. My new broken doe that I’m so exicted about, who I’ve named Wynona, was off feed last week, and was definitely off in flesh, still managed to get 2nd out 8 in a very competitive junior doe class! That’s all I remember of the results as it was a no comment card show and I was running back and forth between the dutch and polish. Since both breeds were up first and at the same time, I was done showing shortly before 1pm, and hadn’t gotten enough of my bunny fix, so I stayed and socialized for awhile. I picked up a bunny of new breed, but no pics today. ;)- You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what breed and see pics of my new pretty girl. Hope you’re enjoying your Super Bowl Sunday.


2 thoughts on “BVRA Show

  1. mcfiremonkey says:

    Is Wynona the Dinky daughter?

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