Nestbox News

Like most experienced breeders I usually breed multiple does at the same time, so I can foster babies as needed. However, the does don’t always cooperate. So I’m very lucky that my lone steel doe, SS Cleopatra is doing a great job with her second litter.

These babies are sired by Lehmann’s Frazier, my steel buck I got from convention last fall. I’m so exicted to see 2 steels in the litter. They don’t appear to have any marking DQ’s so keep your fingers crossed they have nice type! The other two kits are a black and blue, both kits have a 50/50 chance of being double steels. A double steel carries two copies of the Es gene and this covers up the steel ticking but will cause them to throw 100% steels. So I’m really crossing my fingers and toes that the black is show marked, beautifully typed, double steel AND a buck. That’s not too much to ask right?


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