More Nestbox News

Spring is definitely in the air here in beautiful California! We are having lovely 70 degree days, the flowers are already starting to bloom and the fur was flying this morning, lol. Love it! I had four does due, and my blue polish doe LDR’s Pixie surprised me with an early Valentine’s gift yesterday. She had 3 lovely little blues sired by Sypneski’s Grover. Both parents are granded so I have high hopes for these little guys. I’m particularly happy too, as Pixie is a tiny 2lb doe and I was worried she may not produce well.

This morning all three of my dutch does were kindling. My gray doe, Schmall’s KPL had 2 grays, 1 opal and 5 steels for a total of 8 sired by Lehmann’s Frazier. So happy with a bunch of steels, some are not show marked but may make good brood animals. Then my tort doe, Ronda’s Penny had 8 torts sired by Schmall’s Peter. I can’t see their markings yet, so we’ll see how things look in 2 days. Last but not least my black doe Nelson’s Sassafras, that I got from convention had her first litter. She had 7 blacks sired by my tort buck, GC LDR’s Maximus. I made this cross with the intention of breeding these back into my tort line to continue improving them. Well, stay tuned as I have a few more does due this weekend.



One thought on “More Nestbox News

  1. mcfiremonkey says:

    Yay! You got Valentine’s babies too!

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