Cal State Convention Show Report

Well, 2013 Cal State Convention is in the history books and was quite the success! For the show and me personally. Lol.

Saturday wasn’t too spectacular show wise, though I did get a few polish juniors sold. Expect an article this week on pricing and 4-H rabbits. Things started picking up though, after a great dinner out with friends. And Sunday went great for me, LDR’s Skipper won another Best of Breed bring him up to 11 legs, I think. I also think my steel junior buck took a BOSV for his first leg. Sadly, I don’t remember much more than that. I didn’t have a lot of dutch to show anyways. Can’t wait for the babies to grow up! My broken Polish did really well on Sunday too. In the specialty LDR’s Wynona beat out lots of nice does to win her second leg with a BOV and a super cute new junior buck LDR’s Spiderman won the BOSV. I think they repeated these wins in both show C and D too. My Choc buck LDR’s Hershey won several BOSV’s on Sunday too. I sold a few more rabbits and got to spend lots of time catching up with friends. That’s why they say, “even a bad day at a bunny show beats a good day at the office”, ain’t that the truth.


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