Polish Rainbow Litter

I had several litters born yesterday, and boy did I hit the color jackpot in one of my polish litters. LDR’s Rihanna (black) finally had her first litter, sired by GC LDR’s Kryptonite (broken black).

It might a little hard to see, so let me tell you there is a chocolate, a broken blue and a broken lilac! Both the brokens have heavy pattern, which I LOVE!! Anyone who has seen my brokens knows I like the blanket pattern. But I have yet to get a broken blue with this kind of pattern, and lets hope the lilacs breeze trough their presentations this time. Cause I’d love to put the broken lilac on the table once its recognized. Let’s hope they are typed as nice as they are colored because I’m pretty excited about these babies, more so than in a long time. Lol. I’ll be really heart broken if they all turn out to be pets. There were also two blue peanuts in the litter. Here’s a pic to show the size difference.

People claim Polish don’t have peanuts. Wrong! If you are breeding the smaller, typier animals you will get peanuts. In the past dwarfs were used to decrease size, so being a recessive gene it’s darn near impossible to bred out, and we’re stuck with the consequences. We’re also having trouble with rollback coats in Polish due to the dwarf influence.
I did have two other litters yesterday as well. GC LDR’s Pandora (broken black) had 3 brokens and a chocolate and my Dutch doe LDR’s Lilo had 5 blacks. All of them are marked pretty well, so fingers crossed I’ve got some winners coming up!


2012 Final Sweepstakes Standings

Both the American Dutch Rabbit Club and the American Polish Rabbit Club have posted their final standings for the 2012 Sweepstakes year. It wasn’t my best year but I’m happy to say we finished 38th overall in Dutch out of 350 exhibitors. I show about 90% torts so that is the variety that means the most to me standings wise and I’m happy to say we finished 4th out of 137 exhibitors. I was surprised to see the placings on blacks and steels. I showed only one of each variety at limited shows, but still managed to be 57th out of 280 in blacks and 57th out of 147 in steels.
Don’t tell anyone, but I think I may have done better with the Polish last year. I finished 21st overall out of 171 exhibitors. In blacks, I was 22nd out of 140 and 21st out of 99 in blues. My brokens are my strongest variety and my main focus, so I’m happy to be 12th out of 148! On the other hand my chocs are my weakest and I was 42nd out of 112.
So all in all, not too bad of a year. I’d really like to step it up this year and win one of the awards that are presented.

A Tale of Two Rabbit Shows

I attended the Pot O’ Gold show yesterday in Hollister. It was a great show with great fun & friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so great for my dutch. I lost every single class I entered, but that’s the great part about showing two breeds. My Polish continued kicking butt! So, it was almost like being at 2 different shows.
I showed only Brokens and GC LDR’s Kryptonite won the senior buck class, while his young son LDR’s Spider-Man won the junior buck class. My hot little broken doe, LDR’s Wynona settled down and showed much better this time and won the junior doe class. She went on to win the BOV and Spider-Man was BOSV in both shows. In show A Wynona was beat out by a pretty black doe for BOSB, but in show B it flipped and Wynona won her fourth BOSB.

I was also very excited as Trinity Smith who just got started in Polish showed her first homegrown bunnies in youth. They purchased GC LDR’s Dinky, and he produced Delta Breeze’s Sweetie Pie for them, she is half sister to Wynona thru Dinky. Trin’s pretty little doe won the BOV broken in youth and was almost BOSB. I was very pleased for them!

I’m also very pleased to announce that good friends Helen & Fred Schmall won Best In Show with a blue Dutch!

I was also amused by my Havana doe that I bought for my cross breeding project. I decided to show her for giggles, and she ended up winning BOV Chocolate. Now if I could just get that doe bred! All in all it was a good day.