A Tale of Two Rabbit Shows

I attended the Pot O’ Gold show yesterday in Hollister. It was a great show with great fun & friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so great for my dutch. I lost every single class I entered, but that’s the great part about showing two breeds. My Polish continued kicking butt! So, it was almost like being at 2 different shows.
I showed only Brokens and GC LDR’s Kryptonite won the senior buck class, while his young son LDR’s Spider-Man won the junior buck class. My hot little broken doe, LDR’s Wynona settled down and showed much better this time and won the junior doe class. She went on to win the BOV and Spider-Man was BOSV in both shows. In show A Wynona was beat out by a pretty black doe for BOSB, but in show B it flipped and Wynona won her fourth BOSB.

I was also very excited as Trinity Smith who just got started in Polish showed her first homegrown bunnies in youth. They purchased GC LDR’s Dinky, and he produced Delta Breeze’s Sweetie Pie for them, she is half sister to Wynona thru Dinky. Trin’s pretty little doe won the BOV broken in youth and was almost BOSB. I was very pleased for them!

I’m also very pleased to announce that good friends Helen & Fred Schmall won Best In Show with a blue Dutch!

I was also amused by my Havana doe that I bought for my cross breeding project. I decided to show her for giggles, and she ended up winning BOV Chocolate. Now if I could just get that doe bred! All in all it was a good day.


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