2012 Final Sweepstakes Standings

Both the American Dutch Rabbit Club and the American Polish Rabbit Club have posted their final standings for the 2012 Sweepstakes year. It wasn’t my best year but I’m happy to say we finished 38th overall in Dutch out of 350 exhibitors. I show about 90% torts so that is the variety that means the most to me standings wise and I’m happy to say we finished 4th out of 137 exhibitors. I was surprised to see the placings on blacks and steels. I showed only one of each variety at limited shows, but still managed to be 57th out of 280 in blacks and 57th out of 147 in steels.
Don’t tell anyone, but I think I may have done better with the Polish last year. I finished 21st overall out of 171 exhibitors. In blacks, I was 22nd out of 140 and 21st out of 99 in blues. My brokens are my strongest variety and my main focus, so I’m happy to be 12th out of 148! On the other hand my chocs are my weakest and I was 42nd out of 112.
So all in all, not too bad of a year. I’d really like to step it up this year and win one of the awards that are presented.


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