2013 Polish Nationals Results

Well, the 2013 Polish Nationals are in the history books! I picked up my bunnies from the friend who transported them and according to her, the show was a complete and total disaster. Yikes! She did report that my doe LDR’s Wynona was 18th out of 27 and my buck LDR’s Spider-Man was 5th out of 14. Full results are available on the APRC website, and check back soon as I’m sure they will get pictures up soon. In other Polish news I was asked to write an article on brokens for the new Polish guidebook in the works. I’m very honored to write this and be sure to check the blog in mid May for a copy of the article here on the blog.
Also, in other news, I finally got that Havana doe bred to my GC chocolate Polish buck. Yay! So in about 3 weeks from now I will have my first litter of Pavanas. Lol! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’m also looking forward to the show this weekend and the big West Coast Classic in Reno coming up in about 2 weeks.


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