Wow, I sure went AWOL, didn’t I? I warned you things would be quiet on the blog, but I didn’t anticipate total radio silence – sorry. So things with the rabbits have been kinda slow all summer. I’m in a bit of a slump and the few shows I did attend, were shall we say less than stellar. I’ve been busy though keeping up with a toddler and my pregnancy. Only 3 more months to go!
So in rabbit updates, I’m very excited to say I put in 7 nestboxes yesterday in hopes of having National Dutch show contenders next spring. The NDS is being held in Kansas in April 2014, and some of us here in California are hoping to make it. I also bred 4 more does yesterday for 5 month old prospects. So here’s hoping I get some winners!
Some of you may remember the Havana doe, I bought this past spring to breed to my choc polish buck? Well, the results are in, and I got what I wanted! Out of a litter of six, five were does so I narrowed it down to 3 of the best does and culled the rest. I’ve been growing out the remaining three and its interesting to note the size differences. The largest is 4.25 lbs at maturity, the next is 3.25 and the keeper is 3 pounds even. She is also the best typed, very short deep and round! She has retained the dark chocolate color, so I’m hopeful when bred back to her sire we can improve the head. Here’s a pic of her.