Still Alive and 2013 Sweepstakes Results

Life around here feels like it’s finally getting back to normal, our newest addition, Rebecka is just about four months old, and is a sweetie and sleeps well most of the time.

However, she has refused to take a bottle, which means mommy has not been able to go to many bunny shows this spring. I’ve been going thru withdrawal but don’t have much in the way to show anyway. All my NDS breeding bombed, but I’ve bred a bunch of does in anticipation for convention this fall in Texas!
So I wanted to share one exciting factoid. I did manage a nice sweepstakes win last year. I was 3rd in Broken Polish for the nation, very happy with that as brokens are my focus.

Stay Tuned for a New Article next week, all about painless ways to save some extra CASH for Convention. Can’t wait to do some bunny shopping!