Still Alive and 2013 Sweepstakes Results

Life around here feels like it’s finally getting back to normal, our newest addition, Rebecka is just about four months old, and is a sweetie and sleeps well most of the time.

However, she has refused to take a bottle, which means mommy has not been able to go to many bunny shows this spring. I’ve been going thru withdrawal but don’t have much in the way to show anyway. All my NDS breeding bombed, but I’ve bred a bunch of does in anticipation for convention this fall in Texas!
So I wanted to share one exciting factoid. I did manage a nice sweepstakes win last year. I was 3rd in Broken Polish for the nation, very happy with that as brokens are my focus.

Stay Tuned for a New Article next week, all about painless ways to save some extra CASH for Convention. Can’t wait to do some bunny shopping!



Wow, I sure went AWOL, didn’t I? I warned you things would be quiet on the blog, but I didn’t anticipate total radio silence – sorry. So things with the rabbits have been kinda slow all summer. I’m in a bit of a slump and the few shows I did attend, were shall we say less than stellar. I’ve been busy though keeping up with a toddler and my pregnancy. Only 3 more months to go!
So in rabbit updates, I’m very excited to say I put in 7 nestboxes yesterday in hopes of having National Dutch show contenders next spring. The NDS is being held in Kansas in April 2014, and some of us here in California are hoping to make it. I also bred 4 more does yesterday for 5 month old prospects. So here’s hoping I get some winners!
Some of you may remember the Havana doe, I bought this past spring to breed to my choc polish buck? Well, the results are in, and I got what I wanted! Out of a litter of six, five were does so I narrowed it down to 3 of the best does and culled the rest. I’ve been growing out the remaining three and its interesting to note the size differences. The largest is 4.25 lbs at maturity, the next is 3.25 and the keeper is 3 pounds even. She is also the best typed, very short deep and round! She has retained the dark chocolate color, so I’m hopeful when bred back to her sire we can improve the head. Here’s a pic of her.


Big Announcement

Wow, have I been a slacker blogger lately! A whole month since my last post, tisk, tisk! Sadly, I don’t have much to report from WCC. Most of my animals were out of condition from the freak spring heat wave we had before the show. So we pretty much bombed! Luckily had a good time with friends and family. The day before we left for Reno I got some good news that has been the cause of my absence:

Baby Number 2 is on the way, due in early January 2014. So I’m currently going thru the first trimester blues. Oh, the nausea and fatigue and this time I have a toddler to chase.
Things will likely be slow on the blog for the next couple of weeks til I get into the second trimester and hopefully feel better. For that reason, its probably a good thing there isn’t a whole lot of rabbit activity. My next show is not til mid July in Watsonville and I’m already in rabbit show withdrawal since its been a month since WCC.

2013 West Coast Classic

Life has been crazy busy around here getting ready for the big West Coast Classic this weekend up in Reno. It’s a big quad show weekend that has been lots of fun in the past. But numbers have just exploded this year, each day has well over 5,000 entries! I’m the show chairman for our California Dutch Rabbit club specialty show and just found out we have 64 rabbits and 11 exhibitors in our open show! Yay! Pretty good turn out. We have some really fab awards donated by Samantha Henderson of SS Dutch Rabbitry. We also plan to have an informal meeting and desert social after the show. If you are not a member of the California Dutch Rabbit Club I highly recommend you join. We have a lot specialties planned and we are hoping to make our WCC specialty a big event in preparation for a 2016 National Dutch Show!!!! Please email me if you would like a membership form emailed to you. We’d love to have you come play with us!

2013 Polish Nationals Results

Well, the 2013 Polish Nationals are in the history books! I picked up my bunnies from the friend who transported them and according to her, the show was a complete and total disaster. Yikes! She did report that my doe LDR’s Wynona was 18th out of 27 and my buck LDR’s Spider-Man was 5th out of 14. Full results are available on the APRC website, and check back soon as I’m sure they will get pictures up soon. In other Polish news I was asked to write an article on brokens for the new Polish guidebook in the works. I’m very honored to write this and be sure to check the blog in mid May for a copy of the article here on the blog.
Also, in other news, I finally got that Havana doe bred to my GC chocolate Polish buck. Yay! So in about 3 weeks from now I will have my first litter of Pavanas. Lol! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’m also looking forward to the show this weekend and the big West Coast Classic in Reno coming up in about 2 weeks.

Quick Update

Whew, I’m pooped! It’s been a busy weekend evaluating juniors and cleaning the rabbitry. I scooped out under all the hanging cages and I cleaned and disinfected all my watering systems. I then mixed up some sulfadimethoxine to treat the herd, it took a lot longer than expected too! Also got pics taken of all the sale bunnies. Be sure to click on the menu button to see the sales list. I have lots of tort and steel dutch and some polish available.
I’m also very excited to announce that my hot little broken polish are heading to Polish Nationals this week thanks to my good friend Gail Aruta of the Polish Palace. Can’t wait to see how Wynona and Spider-Man stack up against the rest of the nation.