For Sale

Here’s the current sales offerings at Lil’ Dutch Rabbitry. Please contact us, for more information on any bunny. Lil_dutch_2000@hotmail (dot) com.
Upcoming shows: Stockton 4/20, West Coast Classic 5/4-5 & Fresno 6/1.


GC LDR’s Bubba Tort Sr. B 1/9/09 (GC LDR’s Buster x GC LDR’s Rachael) 11 legs – $100 $50

Bubba has been a herd buck here, and done his job well giving us quality offspring. He has earned 11 legs in his show career for us, including a Best Opp. Of Breed (quite an accomplishment for a tort). His color is a bit darker than we’d like, but he makes up for it with nice markings and type. I’m offering a fertility guarantee on Bubba. Pay $25 to take him home and when you get live offspring pay the remaining $25 for his pedigree. If he fails to produce after being bred to 2 different does on two different occasions I will take Bubba back and refund the $25.

LDR’s Violet (GC LDR’s Hunnicutt x LDR’s Bella) Tort Sr.D 10/9/10. Nice doe, has 2 legs and is a good mom. $40

LDR’s MS11 Tort Jr.B (GC LDR’s Maximus x GC LDR’s Sienna) Nice deep little buck. I’d like to see fuller hind quarters. But he’s well marked and has nice light color. Has 1 leg. $55

LDR’s LFSC13 Steel Jr.B 1/28/13 (Lehmann’s Frazier x SS Cleopatra) This is a very pretty buck! Nicely typed with great depth and width. Very nicely marked with clean markings, left check does hook a bit. Sadly, he caught his toe as a baby, and it came in black. I’m only selling because his brother in the litter is just as nice. This buck would be much higher priced if he was showable. $45.


LDR’s SEF11 Steel Jr.B (Schmall’s Eli x LDR’s Florence) This little buck has fantastic ticking! It’s super even! He’s also nicely typed, wish he had a bit more depth though, and his checks are bit low with a narrow blaze. But he’s got a great saddle and stops. Has 1 leg. $55


LDR’s KT11 (GC LDR’s Kryptonite x LDR’s Tamara) Broken Black Jr. B 6/12/12. Cute little buck with nice blanket pattern. Nice depth of body and head will get stronger will age. Both parents have 3 legs and he carries blue. $50 SOLD


LDR’s HML10 Chocolate Jr.D (GC LDR’s Hershey x LDR’s Mona Lisa) This girl’s still a bit fluffy. But there’s a nice body under that fuzz. She’s got a nice head and I love her ear carriage just wish they were a tad shorter. $50 SOLD



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