2013 Polish Nationals Results

Well, the 2013 Polish Nationals are in the history books! I picked up my bunnies from the friend who transported them and according to her, the show was a complete and total disaster. Yikes! She did report that my doe LDR’s Wynona was 18th out of 27 and my buck LDR’s Spider-Man was 5th out of 14. Full results are available on the APRC website, and check back soon as I’m sure they will get pictures up soon. In other Polish news I was asked to write an article on brokens for the new Polish guidebook in the works. I’m very honored to write this and be sure to check the blog in mid May for a copy of the article here on the blog.
Also, in other news, I finally got that Havana doe bred to my GC chocolate Polish buck. Yay! So in about 3 weeks from now I will have my first litter of Pavanas. Lol! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’m also looking forward to the show this weekend and the big West Coast Classic in Reno coming up in about 2 weeks.


A Tale of Two Rabbit Shows

I attended the Pot O’ Gold show yesterday in Hollister. It was a great show with great fun & friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so great for my dutch. I lost every single class I entered, but that’s the great part about showing two breeds. My Polish continued kicking butt! So, it was almost like being at 2 different shows.
I showed only Brokens and GC LDR’s Kryptonite won the senior buck class, while his young son LDR’s Spider-Man won the junior buck class. My hot little broken doe, LDR’s Wynona settled down and showed much better this time and won the junior doe class. She went on to win the BOV and Spider-Man was BOSV in both shows. In show A Wynona was beat out by a pretty black doe for BOSB, but in show B it flipped and Wynona won her fourth BOSB.

I was also very excited as Trinity Smith who just got started in Polish showed her first homegrown bunnies in youth. They purchased GC LDR’s Dinky, and he produced Delta Breeze’s Sweetie Pie for them, she is half sister to Wynona thru Dinky. Trin’s pretty little doe won the BOV broken in youth and was almost BOSB. I was very pleased for them!

I’m also very pleased to announce that good friends Helen & Fred Schmall won Best In Show with a blue Dutch!

I was also amused by my Havana doe that I bought for my cross breeding project. I decided to show her for giggles, and she ended up winning BOV Chocolate. Now if I could just get that doe bred! All in all it was a good day.

Cal State Convention Show Report

Well, 2013 Cal State Convention is in the history books and was quite the success! For the show and me personally. Lol.

Saturday wasn’t too spectacular show wise, though I did get a few polish juniors sold. Expect an article this week on pricing and 4-H rabbits. Things started picking up though, after a great dinner out with friends. And Sunday went great for me, LDR’s Skipper won another Best of Breed bring him up to 11 legs, I think. I also think my steel junior buck took a BOSV for his first leg. Sadly, I don’t remember much more than that. I didn’t have a lot of dutch to show anyways. Can’t wait for the babies to grow up! My broken Polish did really well on Sunday too. In the specialty LDR’s Wynona beat out lots of nice does to win her second leg with a BOV and a super cute new junior buck LDR’s Spiderman won the BOSV. I think they repeated these wins in both show C and D too. My Choc buck LDR’s Hershey won several BOSV’s on Sunday too. I sold a few more rabbits and got to spend lots of time catching up with friends. That’s why they say, “even a bad day at a bunny show beats a good day at the office”, ain’t that the truth.


Well, the BVRA show yesterday was a good one. I was getting spoiled with wins at the breed level so it was only slightly disappointing to not win any Best of Breeds. 😉 But my dutch buck LDR’s Skipper won another BOV bringing him up to 9 legs. I also won BOSV with my new tort junior doe I put on the table, LDR’s HRP10. For polish, LDR’s Kryptonite took a BOV bringing him up to 5 legs. My new broken doe that I’m so exicted about, who I’ve named Wynona, was off feed last week, and was definitely off in flesh, still managed to get 2nd out 8 in a very competitive junior doe class! That’s all I remember of the results as it was a no comment card show and I was running back and forth between the dutch and polish. Since both breeds were up first and at the same time, I was done showing shortly before 1pm, and hadn’t gotten enough of my bunny fix, so I stayed and socialized for awhile. I picked up a bunny of new breed, but no pics today. ;)- You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what breed and see pics of my new pretty girl. Hope you’re enjoying your Super Bowl Sunday.


Well, 2013 show season is off to a great start! The SMRA show on the 19th went very well. The two big winners were LDR’s Skipper and my new polish junior doe LDR’s DZ30. This sexy little lady won a BOSB at the tender age of 3 months. Very excited about her future! Skipper picked up another Best of Breed bringing his leg total to eight I think. Not bad for 8 month old buck!
I’ll be attending the Stockton show on Saturday, but sadly my new string of juniors isn’t quite ready, they’re still too fluffy yet. I am putting my first homebred steel dutch on the table though. He’s nicely marked with nice color. Wish he was a doe though, as I don’t need a buck.
Am I the only one who seems to have bucks coming out their ears? For every doe, I have 3 bucks. :/

Best Rabbit Show

This past weekend I went to the quad show in Red Bluff and oh my lord, what a great show. Seriously, my best show ever! I brought home 2 BOB’s, 3 BOSB’s, 13 BOV’s and 11 BOSV’s!!! In all this winning I granded out several rabbits too. It was such a blast. Besides having a great weekend on the table, I also had a blast with friends,we went Saturday night with a large group of breeders to dinner at the best Mexican restaurant ever. My steak fajita quesadilla was to die for good! And even cold the next day for lunch it was still fabulous. I’m so tempted to drive back to Red Bluff just for some more of that delicious food. So, here’s a list of each rabbits winning for the weekend.
GC LDR’s Skipper – BOV Black & BOSB (A&C)
LDR’s SHP12 – BOV Blue (A&B)
GC LDR’s Gunner BOV Tort (A&B), BOSV (C)
LDR’s SKM11 – BOV & BOB Black (B), BOSV (D)
Lehmann’s Frazier – BOSV Steel (A,B,C & D)
LDR’s MQ10 – BOSV Tort (A)
Schmall’s Megan – BOSV Tort (B)

GC LDR’s Onyx – BOSV & BOSB Black (A), BOV & BOB (C)
GC LDR’s Pixie – BOV Blue (A,C & D)
GC LDR’s Kryptonite – BOV Broken (A)
GC Sypneski’s Grover – BOV Blue (B), BOSV (C)
LDR’s Cowboy – BOSV Broken (D)

See, it was a great show! I also loved the award they gave on Saturday. Arn’t they the cutest?


I Might Be Bragging…

The Nov. 11, show in Lodi was pretty fantastic for me!! First of all, I finally learned my lesson and wore a turtle neck sweater, flannel over-shirt, jacket and warm boots so that I did not freeze my you-know-what off. Only took me about 5 years of shivering at this show to figure that out. Anyway after getting up at 5am and cramming about 60 holes into the mini-van so that a friend and I could carpool, the morning started well with some socializing and then went off with a bang, when LDR’s Pixie won Best Opposite of Breed in Open Polish.
(Imagine a picture here, I spent an hour trying to make it work and finally said “screw it”.)
Also in show A, LDR’s Skipper, a homebred Dutch won the black senior buck class and took BOSV for his first leg. A new junior buck LDR’s SKM11 won the black junior buck class, so we swept the black buck classes.

20121113-095329.jpgSkipper waiting for Best of Breed judging.
In show B, Skipper repeated his win and the judge kept looking him over at the BOB selection. However, it was my new steel buck, Lehmann’s B220 that won a BOV and took the BOSB! I was so excited and felt a bit more justified in spending the pretty penny on him that I did. He set a new record for me, granted I’m sure it’s not that high in many people’s books but I’ve prided myself on building a high quality herd without breaking the bank. Up until now, my most expensive rabbit was $100. But I think this steel is worth the money. Now just got to figure out a good name for him.